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Sunday, June 30, 2002

A movie to remember.. and some deeper thoughts..

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." (1 Cor 13: 4 - 8a)

I just had a rather girly evening out. Me and a girlfriend went and had a yummy dinner and watched 2 girly movies! :) We saw "A Walk To Remember" at the cinema's, and then retired back to her place to watch "Head Over Heels" on dvd. Now I was expecting "A Walk To Remeber" to be the typical teen girly movie, but it was very different from my expectations. I really enjoyed it. So much so, that we both wanna see it again! It was a really touching movie.. very romantic.. but different. I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who's gonna see it, but lets just say.. I don't think I've ever cried that much in a movie before! So bring a box of tissues if ur gonna go see it! I highly recommend it!

Anyway, watching that movie made me think a little. I think it even inspired me a little too. Though the christian references in it were a bit dodgy (it seemed a bit like how a non-christian would portray their idea of a christian.. a bit stereotypical), her character still inspired me a little.. maybe it was the peace she had. And the movie made me think about how precious love is.. and how it shouldn't be wasted. Then thinking about that made me think about anger. And how its so... wasteful. It wastes time, effort, emotion, love.. it achieves nothing good, and merely prolongs pain.. and inflicts additional and unnecessary damage to another person's heart. Why do we get angry then, why can't we realise its not helpful to the situation and then just not get angry. (I'm asking this of myself as much as of others.. and I know the answer.. but in my heart the question remains..)

Anyway.. I should go sleep. Its late. Here's a song I really like from Bridget Jones Diary. :)

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings
It was so careless of me
I guess I've gone and done it
It's just a matter of time
Nothing I can do but tell you I'm sorry
And that's the hardest part of all

Cause your love's the killin' kind
Your love's the killin' kind

I'd rather walk on glass
Than see teardrops in your eyes
And I'd fall to pieces just to hold you
The best thing in my life
It's just luck I get to love you
You're the one thing that's right
You're the light in my hells darkness
Cause your love's the killin' kind
Your love's the killin' kind
Oh, yeah

I, I just might cry now
Die, lay down and die now
Why, you've done it to me
You're puttin' me under

I close my eyes and I sit under the sky
I love you and all it's pleasure
Baby, it feels so right
My arms won't be any use at all
If I can't hold you

Cause your love's the killin' kind (killin' kind)
Your love's the killin' kind (killin' kind)
Cause Your love's the killin' kind (killin' kind)
Your love's the killin' kind (killin' kind)
Oh, yeah

I'm dying baby...
Ooh how I adore you darling...
Just wanna say I'm sorry...
I'd do anything, anything...
Oh, to prove it to you baby...
Ooh.. ooh..
Don't leave me darling...

Don't leave me baby...
I'm dying for you baby...
You're killing me baby...

~ Shelby Lynne "Killin' Kind"

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Friday, June 28, 2002

Friday procrastination

Ahh... finally Friday! I've just spent the last hour (along with my workmates) looking at some rollercoaster videos. These coasters are AWESOME! I absolutely love rollercoasters, but if you're scared of em, then I don't recommend you view these videos. Check out the Top 10 Rollercoasters Of 2002. They've got the top 5 steel ones and the top 5 wood ones. I like "The Incredible Hulk" (number 1) and "Millenium Force" (number 2) in the steel variety. :)

Then if those aren't extreme enough, check out these newest Extreme Rides!! "X" and "Batwing" look awesome! I wanna go to Magic Mountain now!

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Thursday, June 27, 2002


Nothing like a good workout to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Then add 10 mins in a sauna and a nice hot shower, and you'll be feeling absolutely wonderful! :) Also rather hungry. For some reason I'm always starving after a workout. I like it.. I like eating when I'm actually quite hungry.. its a different feeling, to eat after expending alot of energy, as opposed to eating after just sitting on your backside all day. Its so much more fulfilling and replenishing, and much less bloating.

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Off to ze gym!

I'm so tired today.. but I'm gonna go to the gym now. I haven't been since Monday, and I missed out on dance class last night coz I wasn't feeling well and I'd forgotten to bring my contacts. So I really need to work out today and rid myself of excess energy (even though I'm tired.. but thats different). Think I'll use the sauna too.. ah bliss! :)
Obviously have too much time on my hands.. :P

Which Kiss are You?
Which Kiss Are You?

Find your emotion!

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I love romantic movies!

I think I'm gonna have to add "Bridget Jones Diary" to my list of all-time favourite movies! Its such a good movie... so funny.. and so romantic! *sigh* And the soundtrack is awesome too.

Anyway, last night my friend and I watched "The Princess Diaries" on dvd (which we've both seen before, and really liked) while we ate a huge scrumptious dinner (that we cooked ourselves of course) of potato bake with cream, cheese, leeks and sundried tomato and pasta spirals with a tomato, chicken, mushroom, and herb sauce. Mmmmmmmm...... :P~ That potato bake is sooo one of my favourite dishes. *drool*

And then, to top off a yummy dinner, we had some apple pie and ice-cream while we watched "Bridget Jones Diary" on dvd. What a marvelous way to spend an evening. I gotta do that more often! And I think I might have to buy myself the BJD dvd. I love the end credits bits on it.. its sooo adorably sweet, and much better than the cinema version. Watch it and you'll see why. :)

Wierd Dreams

On a different (and slightly morbid) note, I've been having some rather vivid and wierd dreams lately. The night before, my dream kept flipping to different dreams, but one bit I remember was a dream where I was watching and was there, but wasn't involved in it.. there were some characters in a room in a tower watching the ground below, as some guy got thrown onto the ground from a vehicle of some sort? Anyway, I think he had some harmful liquid on his face and skin, or the air was causing it, coz his skin was being split open and his flesh was coming out and he was screaming on and on. I think some of the characters in the room wanted to help him, but their leader was just laughing evilly. And the landscape sorta looked like that of Shakuras, homeworld of the Dark Templar in Starcraft. And no I haven't been playing Starcraft recently.. in fact haven't for a year or so!

And then last night I dreamt about something sci-fi related too. Like there were 2 spaceships (one a single fighter and another a larger ship) in space and were fighting and then got interlocked and were both gonna get destroyed, so I was in the larger one with a group of ppl, and we were gonna escape into something that looked like a holodeck in Star Trek.. except it lead to another dimension or time. And the walls were wierd too.. like the doors weren't normal ones but were shifting, moving, like a living thing and could join together to form a seamless wall. I'm not making much sense. Its so hard to describe your dreams. Anyway... maybe I am a geek at heart..

Enough about weird dreams. I need to have breakfast and do some work!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Home time!

Time to go home.. yay! Work was pretty boring today. I managed to finish that HTML email thing. It didn't take very long!

Tonight I'm going to Vron's house and we're gonna cook ourselves a yummy dinner (potato bake and chicken & mushroom tomato pasta), and watch a girly DVD. Yay! *claps hands in girlish glee* :)
Feeling pretty bleugh :(

I had dinner with my bf last night, after he finished studying at the State Library. It was good (of course!).. except that afterwards I felt really really sick. I dunno what it was.. whether it was the food, or eating too much, or the apple juice.. but I was really nauseous and felt like puking. Not a nice experience. :(

Anyway, I went to sleep kinda earlyish (11:30pm) in the hope that a good night's sleep would cure all. However, I still feel *slightly* queasy today. Maybe I'm just too tired and my body is in protest. I feel a slight dizzyness too. Hope I'm not coming down with anything.. and I hope it goes away soon so I can go to dance class tonight!!
More search results

I've had a few search hits on my site recently. Such as "jazz and funk classes sydney".. woohoo! (incidentally, this search lists my other homepage too!) :) Now what I don't get is if I click on some of the google search links (displayed in my sitemeter), I don't see my site listed at all?! Eg. "the whitlams torch the moon" and "j lo bootleg". Hmmm.. you try it out and tell me if you find my site!

In other news... my counter has hit 600 now! Woohoo! :) And people are more frequently staying longer than 0 secs too.. always a good thing.. hehe.

Eeesh, I've actually been given a deadline for work... I'm supposed to finish creating this html email tomorrow. Better get started eh... ;)

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Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Skins for my blog!

Ok, I've cleaned up my blogger html template (things like replacing anything layout/colour related with stylesheet classes) and then created a couple of new "skins" using stylesheets. Try them out at the bottom of the "Links" box on the left.. and let me know which layout you prefer! :) (Disclaimer: I have only tested these "skins" in IE 5.5+)

Yay! Feeling much better now! :)

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Frustration Plus

A thought has been stewing in the back of my mind for a while... I should redesign my blog! So merrily I trundle along, opening my existing template in textpad. Hm.... What should I change? I have no idea!!! Ok, maybe I should start from scratch instead.. people say Dreamweaver is a good tool for web design. So I open that program.. but after a minute or 2, I realise I can't be bothered working out how to use it properly, so I go back to good ol' textpad. I make a few changes to my existing template and voila... it looks crap! Argh... :(

Hm.. I've never been good at creating things from scratch. I mean I know what looks good and what doesn't, and I can modify something existing to look even better (in my eyes).. I just can't create something that will look awesome from nothing. Very frustrating. Maybe I'll try at home when I have better graphics tools like photoshop.. But still.. I need to decide on a basic layout first.. and whether to stick to the current format or make it radically different. What do you think?

*sigh* I think I was overlooked when someone was handing out the creative gene... :\
Mmmm.. chicken soup..

   It must be the freezing weather at the moment (or the fact that I have too much time on my hands), but I'm finding that I'm becoming rather preoccupied with winter foods lately. Foods such as the Oat Temptations porridge in the previous post. Winter is such a good time to eat warm, comforting foods.

My latest addiction (thanks to V :P) is Campbell's Country Ladle "Homestyle Chicken & Pasta" soup. Its sooo yummy. :) You just need a bowl, microwave, and a nice crusty breadroll (all of which I have at work) and you're set for a yummy, warming meal!

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Mmmm.. porridge..

I'm having porridge for breakfast right now. Yummy. I love porridge.. esp if its Uncle Tobys "Oat Temptations" (see the picture to the right). The French Vanilla and Baked Apple one is my favourite. Mmmmm. :)

The ski fields look fairly cloudy today... hopefully this means its going to snow soon. It hasn't snowed at all the last 24 hours. Ah well, August is still a fair way off.

Injenue cam

I'm looking at injenue's cam at the moment. She's just moved to UCLA and is living in the dorms. I think they all get cable access there or something. How good is that! It kinda sounds fun.. going off to uni, living in dorms, having cable internet access all the time. It'd make for a slightly different uni experience to mine, but I guess thats what its like in the US. Its interesting how their education system works.. and also that the standard thing for most ppl going to uni is to move out into dorms. They must have heaps of housing on their campus or something, coz I remember that getting housing at UNSW was extremely difficult.

Anyway she's got her cam on almost all the time now. Its a bit of a novelty watching someone sit in front of the computer, move about the room, or watch tv. She's got her door open too so u can see someone walk past every now and then.. it kinda makes u feel like you're there. And it refreshes every 4 secs. *sigh* I want cable... :P

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Monday, June 24, 2002

Off to the gym

*yawn* This day has been so boring. I need to do something.. active. So I've decided I'm gonna go to the gym now.. work out a bit.. and then relax in the spa and sauna. Ahhh.. just the thing I need on a cold wintery day like this. :)
Clubbing fix achieved!

Yes, I finally got my "clubbing fix" on Sat night. I went to the Booty Bar with some old uni friends and danced for about 2 1/2 hrs. Much joy! :) I was slightly sore the next day.. and more than a bit tired. I still have faded remnants of the "Booty" stamp on my wrist today.

Anyway, I'm still in that "R&B" phase of mine. I've been listening to nothing but R&B the past few days... I'm sure I'll get sick of it soonish and will have to intersperse it with some wholesome aussie alternative/rock bands.. like Motor Ace, Something For Kate, George or Eskimo Joe.. to name a few of my fave's. Speaking of fave bands... one of my most fave bands, The Whitlams, is touring again soon.. promoting the new album "Torch The Moon".. yay! I love watching the Whitlams live.. Tim Freedman is awesome!

Well, I actually have some work to do now! *gasp* So I better hop to it..

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I said "Brrrrr.. its cold out there"..

Monday morning, 9:45am... and its absolutely FREEZING today!! Gee... the temp at around 8:30am this morning was 7 degrees C in the city, and colder out west.. as cold as 2 degrees C in the Blue Mountains! *Brrrrrrr*...... and I'm wearing my skirt/calf-length boots combo (with no stockings!).. ahh the price of choosing to look better. :\ Anyway, its still a nice sunny day today so hopefully it'll warm up a bit later.. but the top temp forecast is only 18 degrees.

Enough weather talk. You'd think I'm really bored at work or something... wait a minute..... :P


One good thing about it being cold is that hopefully it'll dump some over at the Snowy's (I'm talking about snow here)! Coz yep.. I'm going skiing this winter. YIPPPEEEE! I absolutely LOOOVE skiing... I'm organising a group of 13 people to go down to the Snowy's in mid August. Should be heaps fun. We've got ourselves a nice (and cheap) 2 bedroom unit with views of Lake Jindabyne. We'll be staying 3 nights, and skiing 3 1/2 days (we're gonna be slightly crazy and drive down at 4am to get an extra half days' skiing in, as opposed to 2 yrs ago where we were fully crazy and drove all night to ski all day the next day! :P). Its about a 5 hour drive to the Snowys from Sydney, so we hopefully should have enough time to fit in half a days skiing.

Here's a snow cam (updated every couple of hours) of Front Valley at Perisher Blue ski fields, courtesy of the Perisher Blue website.

*sigh* Just looking at the snow gets me itching to ski!! I soo can't wait... :)

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Friday, June 21, 2002

Home time.. woohoo!

Yay.. its the weekend now! Woohoo!! Home time for me... bai bai! :)
Blog rolling

I found a really interesting blog today. I just happened to stumble across it during a google search. It was kinda freaky to find a blog by someone on the other side of the world (Canada) who seems to be so very similar in alot of ways to people that I'm close with (eg. my bf). I read his testimony and found it to be quite touching.. esp the bit about his father. Go check it out. He has many interesting and deep thoughts.

I'm so bored. I still have no work to do. What can I do to pass the time... someone give me something to do please!

R&B phase

I bought 2 CD's today.. Fish Records was having a sale.. 20% off everything in the store, and I got 25% off both cd's (extra 5% for frequent buyer cardholders)! I bought Brandy - "Full Moon" and J Lo - "J To Tha L-O - The Remixes". I've been in an R&B sorta mood lately.. getting back into discovering the latest and best R&B songs out there. I really like the J Lo Ft Ja Rule remixes of "I'm Real" and "Ain't It Funny". Also, I like "Miss California" by Dante. Anyway, this R&B phase is probably due to my desire to go clubbing again... my clubbing fix has been long overdue! BUT I'm going clubbing this Sat night.. at the Booty Bar. Yay!!!!! Finally! :)

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Tribute Bands?

I've just read an article about the popularity and success of many tribute bands in Britain and Australia. I didn't realise these bands existed to such a degree.. I thought the movie "Rock Star" was just exaggerating! I s'pose I can understand that they'd be quite popular in the local pubs. What I found amusing was the names these bands thought up for themselves.

Check out these actual tribute band names:
  • By Jovi
  • The Beatless
  • Think Floyd
  • The Rolling Clones
  • Bootleg Beatles
  • The Real Police
  • The Beached Boys
  • Limpish Bizkit
  • Stink 182
Work is so BORING (warning: slightly geeky post ahead)

I have absolutely nothing to do at work. Seriously, I've actually finished all the work needed to be done for the moment. Isn't it nice when things can be this relaxing. :) So as a result, I think I'll work on my blog's layout and functionality a bit. The keen-eyed may have noticed that I've added "Layout Options" to my Links section. So far there's only the option of making the font slightly larger (for the oldies out there that can't read my 10px size font :P). I might play around with this a bit and provide more colour and layout options later.

I've also updated my guestbook a bit - previously it was displaying entries in chronological order, as opposed to most guestbooks that display the most recent entry first. I've changed my perl code so that it does this now. And also I noticed a bug in my code that occured whenever the number of entries mod 10 = 0 (for the non-mathematical, that means whenever the number of entries was 10, 20, 30 etc). It was a mathematical error in my calculations to find the number of pages to display, given the total number of guestbook entries. Anyway, all this has been rectified, and is hopefully working fine now. Let me know if you find anymore bugs. :)

And to answer a question, my template was originally chosen from one of's templates because I liked the colour and look of it. I then made some changes to suit my liking and created a header logo for myself (using a photo I'd taken earlier this year and adobe photoshop). I'm not really a web designer, my job is as a web *programmer*, so my strengths lie more in programming than graphic design (hence I've programmed my own guestbook... and at my old website which I designed, I also created a message board and chatroom). I merely dabble in design, because it comes with being a web developer.. maybe one day I'll explore this area more, but I don't think I'm quite creative enough in that way. I'll leave my creative juices to music.
500 Hitz!

Yay.. I've hit the 500 mark in my sitemeter! Over 500 people have visited my blog. Granted, a few of those hits were my own, but not that many coz of sitemeters IP ignore functionality. Anyway, I've noticed a plaethora of Mac users hitting my site recently.... What the? Why would anyone do that to themselves? Heheh kidding.. :P I do wonder what this site looks like on a Mac. Or on Netscape for that matter, as I haven't bothered to make this site "cross-browser compatible".. this isn't my job so I don't have to care. Heheh. :P

So as a disclaimer: "This site is optimised for Internet Explorer 5.5+ and an 800x600+ screen resolution."

Dance class last night was awesome! I loved the lyrical routine we did. It had lots of floor work which I always enjoy! And the 2nd routine we did was really fun too.. similar to last weeks, using the same song - "Kiss Kiss" by Holly Valance. It was quite a sexy routine, which I always like too. :P

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Off to dance class I go!

Yay! Dance class time for me.. :) (I take Ramon's jazz dance classes at the Sydney Dance Company every Wed night. Much joy! :P)
PHP whoops ASP's ar$e!

Man, PHP is sooo a better scripting language than ASP. And this is after my first 2 hours of using it ever... its just so... much more precise. It actually requires a programmer to program somewhat properly, and doesn't let them (to as great a degree as ASP does) be lazy. While this can be annoying at first if you're used to Micro$oft products letting you get away with practically anything, once you get used to it, you realise the value in it.

*sigh* And here I am.. stuck in Micro$oft hell land. :(
*cough cough*

I think I'm getting sick.. :( I don't feel that sick, no stuffy head, blocked ears or temperature. But just this cough is getting a bit worse.. the phlegm is sorta getting thick and hard to cough out. Hehe, I'm sure you wanted to know that. I hope I'm not gonna get too sick... then again... I wouldn't mind taking a sick day off.. hehe. Maybe I can take, as my friend calls it, "preventative sick leave". :)

Work is pretty boring at the moment. I think I have actually run out of things to do.. as opposed to having things to do but taking my sweet time with them.. Maybe I'll play around and learn some more php.. its kinda fun. I'm such a geek. :P

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Another post as requested :)

My gosh, its past noon already. Where does the time go. Nothing much been happening. I think I'm a bit sick, nothing serious, just a runny nose and a phlegmy cough.

I had dinner with a friend last night at a restaurant called Prime. It is one of my favourite restuarants coz it has the nicest steak I've ever had! The steak is soooo tender, juicy and soft. Apparently they get something like Grade 7 beef and then cook it a special way that the fat all melts into the beef and makes it extra tender and juicy. So its really fattening beef, but u don't actually see any fat on it. Anyway, not that it matters to me, coz the steak just way too nice that it outweighs any "fat" concerns! :)

Google Search

Err... a google search for "webcam heaven" lead here. Granted it was the 50th site listed.. but still.. hrmm.. wonder what they were looking for..

Sunday, June 16, 2002

My appologies

I haven't posted much lately... in fact I haven't blogged since Wednesday. Things were pretty busy with work on Thurs and Fri, and then it was the weekend.. and I tend to not be at home at all on weekends.

I've had quite an enjoyable weekend... my bf and I celebrated an anniversary on Saturday.. Happy Anniversary to us! :)

We had a lovely night at a dinner on a harbour cruise out on the beautiful Sydney Harbour. Aww.. how romantic. :) The photo above was taken on this cruise by the typical asian photographer... (why are they always asian?!) Entertaining us during dinner was a live band.. the female lead singer looking like she'd just stepped out of the 70's, complete with real afro and sparkling, sequined jumpsuit! After a turn on the dance floor, we went up to the top deck level (this boat had 4 levels!) for some fresh (but absolutely freezing) sea air... and a beautiful view of the city lights, the harbour bridge and opera house. He gave me a beautiful silvery necklace and cute soft toy dog... both of which I loved! Thank you very much! :)

Err.. this doesn't show very well, but I attempted to scan the necklace he gave me. The sparkliness (is that a word?) and the crystal don't really show at all. :(

Anyway, here's another picture... coz I couldn't resist posting it.. heheh..

Who's that handsome guy there? :)

Bargain Queen

On a different note, I think I've started to discover cheep-cheep shopping.. thanks to my friend, Sandy (whose winter outfits always seem to collectively cost less than $100.. including the shoes!). I found this really nice knee-length coat on sale last Fridat for $40 (original price $120!).. so I bought two, coz I couldn't decide between colours. I got a black and a honey coloured one. They're the furry shimmery cardigan kind of coat. Sorta arty trendoid looking... Err.. I dunno how to describe clothes very well! I'm probably creating a very ugly looking image in your mind... so I think I'll stop trying now!

Eeek.. its 11:40pm already! I need to sleep! Goodnight. :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

PwC Consulting => Monday!?!?!

Ok, I just read about the new name for PwC Consulting when they finally split from PricewaterhouseCoopers. And they're gonna be called Monday. I'm sorry, but this calls for a huge WHAT THE?!? (in red bold caps). I suppose they've received similar responses to the point that they had to create a website to explain themselves. This has got to be one of the funniest things I've heard in a while.

Anyway, a friend decided to create some amusing art regarding this. You'll only understand it if you go to the Monday website first.

Celebrity Watch

I saw Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones last night! I just was leaving the gym at around 7pm in the city on George St.. was walking past Australia Square and saw a bit of a crowd crowd gathering, along with some tall men in black suits and sunnies, 2 speakers playing Will Smith music, an MIB sign, a guy in a white scientists suit complete with facemask... so me being the cluey girl I am.... I ask the nearest person "Whats going on here?". She replied "Apparently Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are arriving here soon." So I decided to wait.. they were due to arrive at 7pm.. and it was already 7:15pm. 40 minutes later, they do actually show up. But I didn't have a camera on me.. and wasn't quite close enough to get an autograph or anything. Not that I'm a huge groupie fan.. but evidence is kinda cool and I would have scanned and posted it here. Oh well. At least I got a good view because there weren't *that* many ppl there.

Final Fantasy music == beauty

I found an awesome site with all this piano sheet music for Final Fantasy, and also another site with mp3's of almost all the Final Fantasy albums, inc alot of the Piano Collections albums. Its such beautiful music... *sigh*... I spent an hr or so playing through the stuff on piano last night.

My piano playing has become pretty shocking though. I can't read notes very well anymore! I actually found it hard to play! Argh! :( Although, my sightreading has ALWAYS been a shocker. But I even found that playing both hands made things harder.. I can't believed I've regressed so much in my piano playing. I guess its understandable coz I haven't played classical style music in quite a few years.. and now I play using chords much better than I do reading notes coz of all the jazz and contemporary playing I've been doing. I also don't use my left-hand much anymore so now its SHOCKING compared to my RH. :( I need to practice my scales more.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Which Final Fantasy girl do I relate with most?

It's Garnet!
The Final Fantasy Girl you relate with the most!
brought to you by ka-chan
Wierd dreams

Had a weird dream last night. I just remembered it actually. I dreamt about my ex. Hm why does that happen? Kinda wierd. Actually, both my current bf AND my ex was in my dream.. along with some other hazy characters. Its not like I'm not over my ex, or anything remotely to do with that, but every now and then my ex makes a cameo in my dreams. Wierd. My current bf tells me the same.. he dreams about his ex on rare occasions too. Does everyone do that?!

Update: Ok this is just even more weird... I tell my bf today on the phone about my dream, and he tells me he also dreamt of his ex last night. Hrmm... freaky. :\
Long weekends are too short

I love my long weekends. I think every weekend should be a long weekend. *sigh* But they're still too short.... I want a holiday. :(

Still, the long-weekend was quite enjoyable. I saw Spiderman yesterday with my bf, and 2 other friends (actually it was kinda like a double date.. hehe)! Yay! I very much enjoyed that.. esp after a failed attempt to see it on Sunday night. I had organised a group of friends to go.. and when we got there, it was sold out. :( How sucky was that.. and it was the last session for the night too. Now I'm eagerly awaiting 'A walk to remember" to come out. It looks so romantic.. and its Mandy Moore! Hehe.. But we have to wait till June 27th. Thats a whole 2 and a bit weeks!

I was supposed to go clubbing on Fri night as well.. but we didn't end up going coz I couldn't get the car. :( Boohoo.. foiled again. We won't be able to go till my friends finish exams now. *sigh* My clubbing fix will have to wait.

Anyway, I need to have some breakfast. And do some work too of course. :)

Saturday, June 08, 2002

New boots!!

As you may have noticed, I've had the satisfaction of crossing off the "calf-length boots" item from my wishlist. Yep, I finally bought myself a pair of boots. Yay! :) They were a bargain too... on sale, leather, non high-heel, only $89! I'm so happy now...

Friday, June 07, 2002


I'm so bored at the moment.. of course I should be doing work rather than blogging.. but hey, that is the source of my boredom is it not? I'm trying to decide whether to go clubbing tonight (actually its a dance party.. *gasp*). Hrmm... I'd much prefer to go to the R&B Superclub @ City Live.. but apparently its not very good anymore. I wish I went more than once, back when it was awesome. *sigh* Dunno if I wanna be surrounded by a bunch of 1st year asian uni students at an asian danceparty..... oh the shame of it all.

Anyway, I'm feeling better today. I bought a camel coloured bonds singlet cami thingy yesterday to wear with my lovely new pink lace top. But I think its too small.. so I might go exchange it today. I'm also kinda sore from dance class on Wed night.. around my neck and shoulders.. prob coz our dance routine had a "flick your head back" bit in it.. that always makes my neck sore afterwards.

Hrm.. I'm hungry.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Retail therapy

Woke up this morning feeling crappy. So I did a spot of shopping before work... a bit of retail therapy never goes astray. I ended up buying this lovely lacy pink floral top from this shop near my work.. I kept passing it everyday and I often would go in to have a look around coz its got some really pretty clothes.. finally I got around to buying something from there! Not a bad price either.. at least heaps better than my last buy! Anyway its soo pretty. Now I gotta get myself a beige cami to wear underneath. GB's, here we come..

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

What to do if you see the police.

Monday, June 03, 2002


Feeling rather blah at the moment. Gee it can get boring on work nights when you don't have anything on. I'm so used to being so busy with a multitude of jazz piano classes, dance classes and stuff that I was rarely home on a weeknight at all. Now that I'm not doing any jazz piano classes this term (too expensive), I have an extra 2 nights during weekdays free... what am I gonna do with all this time!?

I sorta want a webcam... that would be fun.. and cable internet too of course. I'm currently using a 33.6 modem coz my 56k broke... I am surfing the net at a snails pace... its frustratingly slow. :(

Blah.. I hate this time of month sometimes.

Anyway I'm just glad my bro isn't home. Not that I don't like my brother, its just annoying when I'm doing stuff on the net, like emailing, chatting, surfing... and my brother is looking over my shoulder the whole time. I dunno why he does that.. and I have yet to tell him to stop. Heh.. big brother is watching. :\
Cam guy?

Hm.. my bf has an online cam now. Hehe. Its kinda fun to play with (I was at his house playing around with it tonight.. u know, making funny faces and posing so it catches the "good" side of your face etc.. hehehe vanity :P).. I guess its quite a novelty being broadcast on the web for all to see..

Who's that cute guy there?