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Monday, August 11, 2003

Music for the soul

There's nothing like wallowing in some good heart-rending musicals when you're feeling down. I tend towards "Jekyll and Hyde" myself. I love the songs, "A New Life", "Someone Like You", "In His Eyes", "Once Upon A Dream" (lyrics here). Ahh... tis music for the soul.


While we're on about music, I went to see Interpol and Bluebottle Kiss at the Metro Theatre on Saturday night. T'was good... very good! Interpol are a band from New York (apparently they're pretty big over there!)... um, best compared with bands such as Joy Division and New Order.. they also kinda sound like The Strokes.. but much darker. I think Andrew classified them as "New Wave"? And a friend from NY classed them as a "goth NYC band". They were pretty good! Really tight. I hadn't really heard that much of them before, but what made me buy the tix was that Bluebottle Kiss were supporting. They're my favourite Aussie band at the moment. Its such a shame they're not more well-known and popular.. they deserve to be.. Jamie's songwriting is awesome.. their songs are awesome and so intense.

The guys in Interpol are a bit scary looking. Hehe. The bassist looks like "creepy thin man" from Charlies Angels.. with dyed black hair. He even had the cigarette thing going. The keyboard player was pretty weird looking too. Really gets into it, even tho he's only holding down synth/organ pads. I always found that kinda funny. :)

Anyway I took a few piccies. Check em out - the one on the left is BBK and the one on the right is Interpol.

There's more in the gallery.

Anyway, better get back to work. The project I'm s'pose to be releasing today isn't working properly.. so gotta fix the bugs. :\

Current listening :: Turn On The Bright Lights - Interpol (I love the song "Say Hello To The Angels"... my current fave from the album!)


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