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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Counting the hours..

Its almost time, another hour and I'll have begun my 4 days holiday from work! Even though I'm only away from Thurs to Sun, I've taken Thursday to Tuesday off, for a bit of a recovery break after I get back. Woohoo! :) I love the end of work/beginning of a holiday... its the best feeling! :)

I'm also just about recovered from my cold. Only a little bit of phlegm, and I'm not coughing very much anymore either. Yay!! Good timing! :) Now all I have left to do is pack, prepare some stuff to bring for the long drive down (gotta make some more compilations methinks), and hit the gym before I leave today for a spot of light exercise and lots of stretching to get me in shape for the hard slog down the slopes! (I was supposed to be working out hard in the week leading up to skiing, but coz I got sick, that was kinda impossible. Ah well, I was working out pretty hard the few weeks before I got sick anyway, so that'll have to do!)

Anyways, gotta dash, lots to do before I leave work today! Will post more tomorrow before I leave since I have the day off at home. :)

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