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Friday, September 05, 2003

Goodbye Blogger

Hello Movable Type! Just a note to let you know I've finally moved from blogger to Movable Type. Everything should still work & look the same (with perhaps more functionality). Catch any errors, let me know! I'm still working on things, incorporating the extra functionality that MT provides. And while I'm at it, I might be giving this site a bit of a face-lift (coz I'm just about sick to death of this layout!) We'll see how much time I have.

So the url is now: (And the comments work too! :P)

Goodbye blogger - its been fun. :)

(NB. This blog will still exist as my archives.)

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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Quick update

Have to leave work now, so just a quick update. Darn comments are STILL down. Grr! So annoying. :(

Last night I let Coltrane stay in my room with me while I slept. I think he spent almost the whole night sleeping on my bed with me. Heh. Not as bad as last time, though he did wake me up around 7ish to be fed. (I just ignored him - as he walked on my pillow around my head! - and went back to sleep :P).

Monday, September 01, 2003

Boredom you are breaking my heart

Feeling so very unmotivated at the moment... about work, church, and other stuff. For some reason I really don't feel like being at work these days.. or doing this project I'm supposed to be working on. Blah. Its so very boring. IT is starting to bore me. As I sit with the business/marketing people, listening to them describe the requirements for this system, I feel my eyes start to glaze over as I struggle to pay attention. Maybe interest will kick back in sometime, but at the moment, it's just not there.

Also been feeling very tired lately - I just have no energy to do anything, and I start getting sleepy by 10pm or earlier! What's wrong with me. I'm usually quite the night owl. This only started since I came back from my ski trip. I think the sudden change from 5 - 6 intense hours of exercise a day to zero hours exercise has something to do with it. I need to kick my lazy butt into action and get exercising again! Which is exactly what I'm planning on doing tonight. I'll firstly hit the gym for a workout, and then go home, get my cossies and head to Lane Cove Aquatic centre for some swimming and spa/steam/sauna-ing action. Yay! It'd be nice if I had someone to do this with, but the ppl I've sms'd haven't replied yet. Oh well, alone is good too.

BBK Gig #4

The BBK gig on Saturday night was great! I didn't think much of the first support act, I can't even remember their name! But the second support act were pretty awesome - Dappled Cities Fly. Their songs were really interesting and there was so much energy in their performances of them. Definitely keeping an eye (or ear) on these guys!

My friend Leo came along too (after some bagdering via sms), which was cool. T'was good to catch up! I also saw Leo's band-mate/band-leader John, and actually struck up a conversation with him. Heh. That was kinda cool - he recognised me from this blog! Consequences of having a webcam I guess. (Hello to Leo and John if you're reading this! :)) Anyway, t'was a good night of good music. No piccies sorry coz my parents have the camera and they're in the Northern Territory.

Other randomness

Darn cough still won't go away. :(

YACCS commenting is down at the moment (hence the javascript errors on this page).. and is likely to be down till Tues or Wed!! Grrr. Not Happy Jan. :( Anyway off to the gym now!

Current listening :: "Return to the city of folded arms" - Bluebottle Kiss

Friday, August 29, 2003

Kitty affections

Last night my brother and I left kitty out and about in the house while we slept. (We usually lock him in the bathroom, but since my parents are away, we've been giving him a bit more freedom.) Anyway, I also left my bedroom door open. Big mistake. Coltrane decided it would be fun to come leap on me in the middle of the night.. a few times. The last time was at 5:30AM. And after having him pounce and bite on my feet (coz moving feet under the blankets are just too irresistable for kitty), I decided it was high time to kick him out AND close the door. Grr.

Of course he only wanted to play and get some attention. All was forgiven in the morning when I got up and had kitty rubbing against me, giving me nuzzles and kisses. Hehe so cute! He just wanted to be picked up for a cuddle. :)

Prussian Blue

Have been listening to alot of Bluebottle Kiss lately. Guess I'm in that sort of mood. They're playing at Vic On The Park (Marrickville) tomm night... and as they are me and Andrew's current favourite Aussie band, we'll definitely be there! :) I highly recommend people check them out - they have some mp3 downloads on their website. Their latest album, "Revenge is Slow", is one of the rare albums that has me loving almost every song on it. I also find it quite therapeutic for those angsty moments (which I seem to be having lots of lately..).

Angst (warning: rant ahead)

So speaking of angst. Hm. Just been feeling tired.. of life, of people. As cold and heartless as it may sound, sometimes I get really tired of dealing with other people's problems and hang-ups, and copping flak for getting involved. Sometimes I just want to be away from everyone and the stresses of everything - at church, at work, with friends... Or just find new and different things and people. Maybe its the quarter-life crisis talking. Or maybe I've been listening to too much BBK. I dunno. Sometimes I just feel like I can't be bothered anymore. Maybe I'm getting cynical about friendships (like fjord eh :P). There's been enough reason through my life of friendships so far to prove it to me. From my old church, to primary school, to high school, to uni.. the cycle goes on. A friend once said that friends are all there is to hold on to. Of course on a christian level I know that to not be true, but even on a more human level, I don't believe it. I don't think I have believed it for a long time. I dunno, maybe it was/is my fault, maybe it wasn't/isn't. I'm probably not making sense. If I have ever told you about my high school/friends experiences, then you might know what I'm on about. I was gonna blog about it earlier this year.. but never got around to it. Its not that big a deal, though I'm making it sound like it is aren't I? I'm sure I'll get over it, sometime.


I still have this darn cough... I'm all better from that bad cold/flu two weeks ago, and all the phlegm is gone, but I just can't seem to get rid of this tickly dry cough. I've been taking some cough syrup at night before bed, and it helps a bit, but not for long. Anyone know anything else I can try? :(

Current listening :: "Revenge Is Slow" - Bluebottle Kiss

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


A friend from the ski trip sent round a few of their photos. Check em out. (Can you find me? Hint: I'm wearing the ridiculous looking bright purple ski suit. :P)

I've also added some more photos of my kitty to the Coltrane album, and added 2 pics to the Misc Friends album.

I just got my own photos developed today (old fashioned film coz I didn't have the digital camera) and they turned out pretty good. I'm getting them scanned so expect some more ski trip photos soon! :)

Current listening :: "Deep River" - Utada Hikaru

Monday, August 25, 2003


Yep, I'm back from an absolutely awesome holiday at the slopes. It kinda sucks to be back in the real world, with all its stresses and worries and blahness. *sigh* I miss skiing. At least I'm not quite "back in the grind" (ie. at work), as I've taken Mon and Tues off. :)

Skiing was great! Though the snow was pretty mediocre on Fri and Sat at Perisher Blue (due to the huge rain event the Wed before last). Still, I got to ski some of my fave runs - such as Zalis and Excelerator (though the Ridge was patchy as.. the middle third being all brown snow and rocks showing through.. shockers). Mt Perisher & Sun Valley was in fairly good form though, which was great! And Olympic was open - probably the hardest run at Perisher. I did it not once but twice! I'm so proud of myself... heheh.. its pretty scary up the top as you're looking down these huge moguls on a 60/70 degree slope. I think the trick is to not stay up there too long (though the view is fantastic) looking at the run, or you'll end up getting too scared. As the Nike ad says, just do it! Anyway, I was glad to have "conquered my fear" up there. Tis a good feeling.

I also took a lesson on Fri afternoon.. I was the only one in my level 5 class, so it ended up being a private lesson, which was fantastic! It was great to just refresh and improve my parallel skiing technique (I hadn't done a lesson for like 5 years), I felt much more confident after the lesson, and my parallel turns definitely felt smoother.

Anyway, sorry for those who've never skied before and have no idea what I'm on about. Just needed to rant about it! You should definitely give skiing a go - you'll be hooked! :)

So on Sunday, conditions were very different - it basically dumped big time over Sat night and all Sunday. It was practically blizzard conditions up the top, visibility very limited. Someone would ski a few metres and then just disappear.... it was a complete white-out! We were actually at Thredbo on Sunday, but half the mountain was closed due to almost no visibility and wind. Still, we found some really nice fresh ungroomed powder along Ballroom and Dream Run (prob coz that way was closed, but you could still ski it down to Friday Flat). I took a few photos along the snowy tree-lined path of Dream Run - it was just beautiful. Skiing on fresh powder is pretty hard on the thighs.. you gotta keep moving and working hard to keep your skies from getting stuck. But, its awesome.. and so soft if you fall. Unfortunately with all that snow coming down, my ski suit and gloves were soaked by the end of the day with the snow melting through. :( On the last run of the day, I had to stop coz I couldn't feel my fingers at all - I was afraid I was gonna get frostbite or something.

I also made a few friends during the trip. I went only knowing 3 out of 29 people, and even then I wasn't close to them. Oh, and they were also all a bunch of honks. I felt a bit apprehensive when I arrived, coz they were ALL speaking in cantonese to each other. I mean, I understood probably about 95% of what they were saying, but still, I can't really speak canto very well. However, skiing tends to bond people together, and I made some good friends over the weekend. I rarely get to meet new people and make new friends anymore, since finishing uni, so I really valued the experience.

So, that was my weekend. And I'm not even that sore! Very happy about this one. Guess all that working out and going to dance classes paid off eh. :)

Current listening :: "Eyes On Me" - Faye Wong
'I kind of liked it your way
How you shyly placed your eyes on me
Did you ever know
That I had mine on you' ..... such a beautiful song... *sigh*

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Counting the hours..

Its almost time, another hour and I'll have begun my 4 days holiday from work! Even though I'm only away from Thurs to Sun, I've taken Thursday to Tuesday off, for a bit of a recovery break after I get back. Woohoo! :) I love the end of work/beginning of a holiday... its the best feeling! :)

I'm also just about recovered from my cold. Only a little bit of phlegm, and I'm not coughing very much anymore either. Yay!! Good timing! :) Now all I have left to do is pack, prepare some stuff to bring for the long drive down (gotta make some more compilations methinks), and hit the gym before I leave today for a spot of light exercise and lots of stretching to get me in shape for the hard slog down the slopes! (I was supposed to be working out hard in the week leading up to skiing, but coz I got sick, that was kinda impossible. Ah well, I was working out pretty hard the few weeks before I got sick anyway, so that'll have to do!)

Anyways, gotta dash, lots to do before I leave work today! Will post more tomorrow before I leave since I have the day off at home. :)

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