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Monday, September 01, 2003

Boredom you are breaking my heart

Feeling so very unmotivated at the moment... about work, church, and other stuff. For some reason I really don't feel like being at work these days.. or doing this project I'm supposed to be working on. Blah. Its so very boring. IT is starting to bore me. As I sit with the business/marketing people, listening to them describe the requirements for this system, I feel my eyes start to glaze over as I struggle to pay attention. Maybe interest will kick back in sometime, but at the moment, it's just not there.

Also been feeling very tired lately - I just have no energy to do anything, and I start getting sleepy by 10pm or earlier! What's wrong with me. I'm usually quite the night owl. This only started since I came back from my ski trip. I think the sudden change from 5 - 6 intense hours of exercise a day to zero hours exercise has something to do with it. I need to kick my lazy butt into action and get exercising again! Which is exactly what I'm planning on doing tonight. I'll firstly hit the gym for a workout, and then go home, get my cossies and head to Lane Cove Aquatic centre for some swimming and spa/steam/sauna-ing action. Yay! It'd be nice if I had someone to do this with, but the ppl I've sms'd haven't replied yet. Oh well, alone is good too.

BBK Gig #4

The BBK gig on Saturday night was great! I didn't think much of the first support act, I can't even remember their name! But the second support act were pretty awesome - Dappled Cities Fly. Their songs were really interesting and there was so much energy in their performances of them. Definitely keeping an eye (or ear) on these guys!

My friend Leo came along too (after some bagdering via sms), which was cool. T'was good to catch up! I also saw Leo's band-mate/band-leader John, and actually struck up a conversation with him. Heh. That was kinda cool - he recognised me from this blog! Consequences of having a webcam I guess. (Hello to Leo and John if you're reading this! :)) Anyway, t'was a good night of good music. No piccies sorry coz my parents have the camera and they're in the Northern Territory.

Other randomness

Darn cough still won't go away. :(

YACCS commenting is down at the moment (hence the javascript errors on this page).. and is likely to be down till Tues or Wed!! Grrr. Not Happy Jan. :( Anyway off to the gym now!

Current listening :: "Return to the city of folded arms" - Bluebottle Kiss


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