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Monday, August 18, 2003

Slow recovery

Finally back at work today, after a nice 3 day break (well, if you call being sick a "nice break"). Anyways, am still coughing up phlegm alot, and feeling a little on the tired/weak side, but other than that, I think I'm on the mend. I haven't been this sick in quite a while. It was a truly miserable experience.

And this coughing/phlegm thing concerns me. I have 3 days till I go skiing. I really need to be better before then. I can't ski like this. :\ Anyone know how to get rid of phlegm??

Anyway, I *hate* being sick. Really really hate it. I think I'm the type that, if I'm unable to be productive/active for any extended period of time, I get depressed. Like now. Even though I'm back at work (not that I really want to be back at work), I still felt pretty depressed today. Or maybe it was because I was back at work... :P

Donnie Darko

I finally got around to watching Donnie Darko on Saturday night with Andrew. It was a great movie.... until the ending... which left me gestulating wildly at the tv screen with a big "What the?" It felt like a bit of a let down... and I really didn't understand it. So, what do you do? As any good geek, you search for "Donnie Darko explanation" in Google. I found a number of interesting explanations, the best ones being here and here (warning: don't read unless you've watched it coz they contain massive spoilers). Oh and check out the official Donnie Darko website. Its wieeerrd.. but gives some interesting extra information. I think I need to watch the dvd again... with directors commentary on.


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