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Friday, August 29, 2003

Kitty affections

Last night my brother and I left kitty out and about in the house while we slept. (We usually lock him in the bathroom, but since my parents are away, we've been giving him a bit more freedom.) Anyway, I also left my bedroom door open. Big mistake. Coltrane decided it would be fun to come leap on me in the middle of the night.. a few times. The last time was at 5:30AM. And after having him pounce and bite on my feet (coz moving feet under the blankets are just too irresistable for kitty), I decided it was high time to kick him out AND close the door. Grr.

Of course he only wanted to play and get some attention. All was forgiven in the morning when I got up and had kitty rubbing against me, giving me nuzzles and kisses. Hehe so cute! He just wanted to be picked up for a cuddle. :)

Prussian Blue

Have been listening to alot of Bluebottle Kiss lately. Guess I'm in that sort of mood. They're playing at Vic On The Park (Marrickville) tomm night... and as they are me and Andrew's current favourite Aussie band, we'll definitely be there! :) I highly recommend people check them out - they have some mp3 downloads on their website. Their latest album, "Revenge is Slow", is one of the rare albums that has me loving almost every song on it. I also find it quite therapeutic for those angsty moments (which I seem to be having lots of lately..).

Angst (warning: rant ahead)

So speaking of angst. Hm. Just been feeling tired.. of life, of people. As cold and heartless as it may sound, sometimes I get really tired of dealing with other people's problems and hang-ups, and copping flak for getting involved. Sometimes I just want to be away from everyone and the stresses of everything - at church, at work, with friends... Or just find new and different things and people. Maybe its the quarter-life crisis talking. Or maybe I've been listening to too much BBK. I dunno. Sometimes I just feel like I can't be bothered anymore. Maybe I'm getting cynical about friendships (like fjord eh :P). There's been enough reason through my life of friendships so far to prove it to me. From my old church, to primary school, to high school, to uni.. the cycle goes on. A friend once said that friends are all there is to hold on to. Of course on a christian level I know that to not be true, but even on a more human level, I don't believe it. I don't think I have believed it for a long time. I dunno, maybe it was/is my fault, maybe it wasn't/isn't. I'm probably not making sense. If I have ever told you about my high school/friends experiences, then you might know what I'm on about. I was gonna blog about it earlier this year.. but never got around to it. Its not that big a deal, though I'm making it sound like it is aren't I? I'm sure I'll get over it, sometime.


I still have this darn cough... I'm all better from that bad cold/flu two weeks ago, and all the phlegm is gone, but I just can't seem to get rid of this tickly dry cough. I've been taking some cough syrup at night before bed, and it helps a bit, but not for long. Anyone know anything else I can try? :(

Current listening :: "Revenge Is Slow" - Bluebottle Kiss


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