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Thursday, May 30, 2002

Another one

And I got another google search hit.

Google search: "you and me" "new technology" lyrics -jamiroquai (number 7)

Ok I think I'll stop posting every search hit I get... unless something really interesting comes along. I guess the novelty is starting to wear off.
Dempsey pics

Now here's a good looking musician. Hehe.. these are taken from Paul Dempsey's Singularity Tour, at his Canberra gig by Shauny (thanks for letting me use these pics!)

Click here for more photos.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Kids thongs!?

I read about this piece of news at Joie's blog. Apparently some American company, Abercrombie & Fitch, is producing thong underwear for young girls with little slogans on them like 'eye candy' and 'wink wink'.

Thats got to be one of the most digusting things I've heard it a while. I can't believe this would even be the slightest bit acceptable. Geeez.. whats the world coming to!

Go here for the news article.
And the search continues..

I got *another* search hit! Geez where are these coming from all of a sudden.

Google search: "my blue heaven" song

Anyway.. I'm feeling pretty great coz I went to the gym tonight. I really pushed myself on the cross-trainer.. and went all out for 15 mins.. which is alot harder than I usually go. Normally I do abt 10 mins at around 130-150 revs/min. This time I stayed above 160... sometimes going to 190!! It felt awesome afterwards! :)

Seems the motherboard on my comp died. Anyway, they replaced my computer with another one (much too quickly for my taste) which is *slightly* faster.. so like instead of a Pentium 166, I now have a Pentium 200 MMX. And you thought IT developers were given fast computers to efficiently develop software on. Bah. They did attempt to upgrade my oh-so-fast 64mb RAM with another 32mb, but unfortunately it wasn't compatible. *sob*

So now its back to work. Yay.
La la la.. no computer.. La la la.. no work!

My computer died this morning and wouldn't boot. Oh the shame of it all. Anyway, engineering have taken it away for inquisition, I mean, fixing.. so I am computerless which means I can't do my work. Ah well. I'm using an old development testing machine at the moment to, uh, pass the time while I wait. *twiddles thumbs*
More search results!

Ok this is too funny! I got another search query leading to my blog. This time the search was:

Google search: obsessions and penis size (result number 8)

What the..?!?

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Search results

Yahoo Search: tlc-crazy,sexy,cool website. I'm result number 4!

So thats how you get those search query's.. it shows up in my sitemeter.

Monday, May 27, 2002

"say something.. make me never forget.."

Monday morning yet again. Though I'm feeling quite cheerful this morning for some reason! Must be coz I had a restful sleep last night and a fairly enjoyable weekend. I went to a friends 21st on Saturday night.. we went to Blackbird for dinner (my gosh the music at that place truely sucks) and then we went to see Paul Dempsey (lead singer of Something For Kate) with Bluebottle Kiss supporting, at the Metro. It was great! I really like Paul Dempsey's stuff.. (and he's kinda cute too.. haha). Anyway it was his birthday that day and we all sang him happy birthday, which was pretty cool. He came out for about 3 or 4 encores too! Bluebottle Kiss was pretty good.. they really get into it, thrashing around with their guitars.. quite intense stuff! The lead guy was so into it that he actually threw down and started kicking his guitar in the grand finale of one song... now there's a bit of rock angst for ya. ;)

Other than that... didn't do much on Sunday.. went to church, hung out with my bf.. stuff.

Oh hey, I've been linked from another blog now.. a young mother named Joie writing about life in Louisiana. (That makes 5! :P)

Saturday, May 25, 2002

"Memory, all alone in the moonlight..."

I was cleaning my room this morning *gasp*... and I found some old letters from an ex-boyfriend. It was from my second bf (my first only lasted about 2 weeks.. so I dunno if it counts!). I was in 2nd year and he was in 1st year (yes, he was younger). It was weird reading this letter he had given me, along with a birthday card and present. Coz this was after we broke up... well after I broke up with him.. about 8 months after. It just reminded me of things at that time of life, when I was in uni. It reminded me of, well, the fact that I went out with him and.. just things/times/people that I don't really think about anymore (and I'm sure he doesn't think about anymore either). I still feel bad that he was so hurt by the whole thing, and I feel sad that we don't really talk anymore, though we swore we'd stay good friends. Isn't that always the case? Anyway, just reading that letter, reminded me of the whole painful time for him after we broke up, and the awkwardness of the whole situation.

Hm.. it seems so long ago. Uni seems so long ago, and so much happened during the 3 years I was at uni. Its like that period of my life is packed full of these strong memories, some sad, some happy... but all powerfully moving when I think about them. I guess it was *the* time of my life when I grew and changed the most... where I saw and experienced the world for the first time.. I spose it was a big "first time" for alot of things. I dunno about other peoples experiences of uni, but I feel very strongly about my time at uni. And I guess I miss it (well not the exams and assignments etc.. but the people).

Anyway... enough nostalgia. I think I'm making myself sick! :)

Friday, May 24, 2002

Which pixies song am I?

La La Love You
You're a real romantic, and a genuinely kind person. You're not too quick on the uptake, but you have a heart of gold. A person of few words, you instead express your emotions through whistles and dance. Some people would call you mentally stunted, but your friends know better- you're just being yourself.
Which Pixies song are you?

Hm.. now is this a compliment or not?

I have succeeded in finding that perfect top! :) Yay! I'm so happy now. Its a beautiful top.. its lace, charcoal gray with tiny bits of black and beige in it.. long sleeved with the cuffs flaring out.. and the bodice is really pretty.. its a peasant kinda style .. sorta puffy/scrunched (called a Ruched Bodice apparently!) Anyway.. thats my splurge of the month. It was rather expensive.. but nice tops that I really like are so hard to find. I think from now on I'll just stick to buying clothes that I really love no matter the cost (to a certain amount of course) and stop buying clothes that I'm half-hearted about just coz its cheap!! I rarely come across clothes that I really love anyway, so hopefully I won't blow my budget by doing this. :)

Anyway.. I'm just so excited about this new top. Yay! Haven't bought any new clothes in quite a while! Like nearly half a year! So I think I was allowed to splurge this time.
Red baby yeh!

I dyed my hair last night at home. Heehee. Its now red! Well... red streaked coz I had foils done a few weeks ago (which were supposed to be red but faded to brown really quickly) and the colour picked up on those bits. I used Fudge Paintbox hair colour in Red Corvette which turned the brown highlights a rather bold shade of red, and I think it subtlely tinted the rest of my black hair. It was my first real attempt (I'd tried half-heartedly once before in highschool) at dyeing my hair at home. And man, dyeing long hair by yourself is *hard*.. took me over 2 hours all up! Gee. So much effort.

And since my shopping expedition yesterday was highly unsuccessful, I have to go again today. This is why I'm not all trendy and stuff... coz it takes so much effort and time and I just can't be bothered! :P If only shopping was easy... if only there existed a store just for me, with all the clothes in it that suited me perfectly and was exactly what I had in mind.. then I wouldn't have to wade through all these different clothes in every shop. Talk about information overload.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

I hate shopping!

*gasp* Yes a girl hates shopping. I mean I love getting new clothes... but I've just spent 3 hours walking through dozens of different shops trying to find the perfect top that I have in mind. (Getting distracted every so often by something nice or cute...) Then after those 3 long hours, very sore feet and legs, and much frustration.... I found.... nothing! There was nothing I really liked. Grrrrrrr.... I hate shopping. :(

Oh, and on top of all that, I have this really bad habit of falling in love with clothes that I'll never have the guts to wear. *sigh*

I'm so sore from dance class last night. And tired too. I think the last time I went to dance class was almost a month ago, and before that time, I hadn't gone for a month! Man I'm getting so lazy. I used to go twice a week. *sigh* But.... I don't think I've "lost it"... class last night was awesome! And I could do and remember the routine! :) I just get so tired the next day... isn't exercise supposed to make you feel more energetic??

Anyway, I'm glad I went last night, coz I found out about this audition being held on Sunday 26th May for this dance performance at some big dance party event. Headed up by my teacher, Ramon Doringo. Now I'm deciding if I should go and audition.. I mean it doesn't sound too hard - a guy in class told me the routine they teach you at the audition is at the standard of Ramon's beginners class. Sounds easy! I really wanna audition.. even if just for the experience! And who knows.... it'd be cool if I got the chance to perform for once! :) Hmmmm....

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

My mood... @ imood!

Hey I just put in that imood indicator which shows your current mood. Hehe shows how bored I am at the moment. Its kinda cool... there are soooo many moods to pick from.. some of them are quite funny. You can be "bipolar", "schizophrenic" or even "bootylicious"! :)

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the current mood of the Internet is: The current mood of the Internet
Fly The Copter

Found this link from a friends page.. its a rather frustrating, yet addictive game. But its something to do if you're bored.. (like I'm ever not bored at work) :) See how high you can score. My highest so far is 793 on my third attempt.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

I've just joined another blog

My old uni friends, who are a bunch of friends that went to Sydney Boys High, used to sorta have a website called High8us which I was developing. That got scrapped coz it was going nowhere. And I lost contact with them somewhat when I started working, especially after me and my ex broke up (my ex being a "High Guy" and a close friend of that group). So today I got an icq msg from a friend, yyk... we started chatting a bit and he told me about the new High8us Blog which is powered by Movable Type, sitting on the same high8us webserver. He invited me to join, so I did. The condition is that I post at least once a week. Hmm.. lets see if I can manage to post something intelligent once a week. Anyway, I couldn't resist.. being as addicted to the net as I was. Besides, it'll give me the opportunity to (somewhat) get back in contact with some of my old uni friends again, which is something I've wanted to do.

Hey we just had a false fire alarm go off in the building for like 0.5 seconds. Hehe.. a nice wake-up call that was. Just the thing to get ur heart rate up and pumping.

In other news.. I got a new pair of glasses on the weekend. Yay! I like em.. they're different from my old ones, which sucked.. they're a dark brown colour, and sorta rectangle-ish in shape. Suits my face much better, my friends tell me! Maybe I'll put a picture up if I get the chance to use my bf's webcam. :)

Monday, May 20, 2002

Gigs rock!

Monday morning again. Yay. :\ I haven't been quite as regular in my blogging lately. So what have I been up to since I saw Star Wars? Well, I went to a gig on Friday night.. I saw Motor Ace at the Sydney Uni Manning Bar. It was awesome.. hehe I really love seeing Motor Ace coz they're such a fun band to see and mosh to! The crowd was pretty rough this time too. I guess u can expect that from uni students! :P It was fun though.. ppl crowd surfing, tough security guards with attitude, and one person even managed to stage dive. I wanna see em again.. :) I'm not so sure abt their new stuff tho.. guess I'll see when the new album comes out. Atm I kinda like their old stuff more.. it was rockier and more fun.

Now I'm looking forward to my next gig.. Paul Dempsey and Bluebottle Kiss this Saturday at the Metro. Yay! Should be good.. hm I should listen to some Bluebottle Kiss stuff before I go though. And then after that gig, I'm gonna go see George again. Yayyyy!!!! :) Just gotta organise which gig I'm gonna go to.. maybe more than one. Hehe. If I'd had my way I woulda gone to more than one Motor Ace gig too. Ah well too late now.. *sigh*

Thursday, May 16, 2002

I have seen it!!! :)

Yes I have seen Star Wars Ep II now. In the words of little Anakin... "Yipppeeeee!!" :P It was sooo cool going to the midnight session with all the other hardcore fans! Seeing people dressed up as Obiwan Kenobi, Anakin, Padme, Darth Vader... there was even a jango/boba fett!! I should have brought a camera.

The anticipation was high as we all sat in the packed out cinema, with an occasional lightsabre waving around, waiting for the lights to dim. And they finally did, to much cheering and stamping of feet, and waving of those really cool lit-up lightsabres. We were a bit disappointed with that Horse movie and Scooby Doo previews (actually we were hoping for the Matrix Reloaded preview.. but no such luck).. but we were happy they showed the Spider Man preview.. I so wanna see that when it comes out here! Then the Lucas Films logo appeared and a cheer went up... then finally the first notes of the Star Wars theme sounded with the Star Wars logo bursting onto screen.. accompanied by a massive cheer from us eager fans!! :)

Hehehe... it was fun. Very cool. The movie itself, had some so-so bits and some really good bits. The latter half I found was better, and it finished well. It was slightly tedious in parts with alot of talking and not much going on. But all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it... now I just gotta decide when I'm gonna see it again!!! (Hehe no spoilers here.. I've decided to be nice. Oh just one... Yoda's fighting is WAY COOL! :P)

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Tonight is the night!

The time has almost come... in 7 hours time I'll be watching Star Wars Episode II. YAY!! Hehe yes I know I'm being an obsessive fan.. but hey, its Star Wars! Woohooooooo....

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Star Wars Episode II

Yay! The time is nigh and Star Wars Ep II comes out in exactly 1 day, 13 hours and 40 mins. ^_^ And we in Australia are one of the first in the world to get it. Heehee. Shall I spoil it for everyone and post what happens after I see it? Anyway its gonna be cool.. me and a bunch of friends are going to the midnight session at Fox studios, Sydney. Yay!

Friday, May 10, 2002

My favourite boyband! :)

And this is a real billboard in NY.
What the?

Ok, I was on icq last night and got a msg from a friend I haven't spoken to in a while. He's in my year, we're old family friends (our parents are old friends or something), and he used to go to the same youth group as me in high school.

So he was msging about the new website for this band he's in.. Ultra Suite. I'm like "What the? I didn't even know you played an instrument". Turns out he plays the bass for this 3 piece band of singer/guitar, bass and drums. (And he's asian!) I was really surpised! This was cool! Anyway, they have a gig at the Metro Theatre next Friday 17th, but I can't make it. :( But I really wanna check em out sometime. Aussie music rocks! All you guys overseas are missing out.. hehe :P

Thursday, May 09, 2002

The Post-Mortem

Post-mortem. That sounds like such a funny word when you say it over a coupla times.. esp the "mortem" bit. Mortem mortem mortem. Anyway...

Thankyou to those who wished me goodluck for the concert last night. I was actually quite amazed to log on this morning and discover my first 2 comments from other people in this blog. The concert went alright. The song we played was called "Sightseeing" by the Yellowjackets, a rather difficult piece in 6/4 12/8 time. I could have played better, but hey, I'm no pro. It was quite difficult to perform there, having not practiced together beforehand, we didn't exactly play to the best of our abilities. It was also hard to hear each other because we were all spread so far apart (compared to the little room we had our class in).. and the acoustics of the hall, while great for a chamber orchestra or choir, weren't the best for a jazz fusion band. The sound was quite muddy and I really found it hard to feel the rhythm, partially coz our drummer had a bit of a shaky start, and also coz I couldn't even hear the drummer and bass player very well. I think we were all a bit disoriented in that room.

Then there's my improv solo.. I wasn't very satisfied with it.. but I guess it ended up half-decent, considering I only played about 3/4 of it!! :( See, it started alright.. and though I couldn't really hear the rhythm very well, I kept playing the best I could. I was supposed to play through my section 4 times.. but got a bit lost and stopped after 3 times.. (partially coz I was confused with what my teacher was doing on the keyboard - he suddenly changed from synth strings to electric piano and it sounded like he'd gone into the next section). So I looked over at my teacher and he nodded for me to continue, and I managed to finish off the last 4 bars half-decently, thinking "hrmmmmm.. I can do so much better than that". Anyway, I got an applause after my solo, which I have never recieved before (coz I've never done this before!), so that was something new.

Ah well.. Vron and Andrew said I did great. Which of course they're spose to say coz they're my friends. Hehe :) (Thankyou guys for coming and providing moral support anyway!) But I still have a very unsatisfied feeling with my performance.. ah well.. guess I'll get over it. I've never really performed a solo before, so maybe thats what its always like?

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Goodluck to me

Well.. I'm off to the Conservatorium now to warm up before the concert. Goodluck to me! :o
Tonight is the night!

Eeek! Tonight I'll be performing for the first time in the jazz concert at the Conservatorium of Music with my Jazz Fusion class. I hope we can keep it together! I'm kinda nervous.. I really hope I don't stuff up coz I'm still not very good at improvising, and my attempts at syncapation (emphasising the "off" beat) are kinda shocking... esp when the time signature is 6/8!!!! *sigh* Ah well.. it'll be a good experience. I'll be happy if my improv solo sounds half decent.

It'll also be good to hear the other jazz performance group classes, and hopefully some jazz singers too! To see just how good everyone else is.. then I can feel worse about my own non-talent. Hehe kidding.

Anyway.. I'm waiting for my bf to arrive and have lunch with me.... waiting.. waiting..

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Today is me and my bf's official 9 month anniversary! Yay! :) We're going to a nice resturant for dinner, with romantic harbour views of the Opera House etc... awww.

Monday, May 06, 2002


I've just finished an "about me" section. If you're interesting in finding out useless facts about me then clicky here. And then sign my guestbook or make a comment, afterall, its only fair that I find out about you too. :)

Anyway, I had a nice relaxing weekend.. (except for the 4 hrs sleep on Sat night).. spent most of the time with my boyfriend. We even took some silly webcam photos at his place.. hehe.. I might put some up when he sends them to me.

I also had my 2nd singing lesson with Vron on saturday. Yay! I love singing :) .. but gee its hard work... I was sweating after a few minutes of some rather difficult vocal warm-ups. This time I sang "Movie In My Mind" from Miss Saigon. Its really quite a difficult song to sing, esp the sections that build up in intensity to the high notes.. I can hit the notes but I'm not very good at belting my voice loudly yet.

Friday, May 03, 2002

I'm performing at the Conservatorium... eek!

Yep.. at my jazz fusion class last night, I discovered that the jazz concert our class is performing in is actually next wed.. less than a week away!!! :O We're gonna be performing at the Conservatorium of Music.. in front of other students, teachers, and friends/family. Arghhh!

I haven't had much experience performing before, and tend to lose concentration in my solo's when just 1 person (other than the ppl I'm playing with) is listening! I so hope I don't stuff up... my guitarist friend couldn't have said it better last night when he casually asked.. "Do you reckon we'll crash and burn?"

Anyway.. home time is imminent! Yay! So I'd best start getting ready to leave.

I love my weekends! :)

I just had a leg wax. Normally it doesn't hurt too much... but this time it was quite a while since last time and I hadn't exfoliated enough.. so it was rather painful. This was due the following:
  1. there was more hair than normal
  2. the beautician tells me my skin was dry from the cold weather and from not exfoliating, so there was a build up of dead skin cells which makes waxing more painful coz it pulls those skin cells up.. or something like that
Hmm.. bet you didn't want to know that. :P

Anyway, off to gym again.

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Fly free and touch the waters below
sinking into its murky depths..
Absolute utter hair-pulling-inducing frustration!

As many fellow bloggers out there have just experienced, blogger wasn't working for a few hours. I think the problem was something like the "template server was down", which caused people's templates to scarily disappear entirely, hence causing the evil "Error 104:java.lang.NullPointerException (server:leap)". A rather frustrating experience, but I now know what it means the next time this error appears (of course hoping it won't), and I have a deeper understanding of the inner workings of blogger.. being a web developer myself, I am interested in this sort of information.

I actually almost went as far as turning to a different blog - Movable Type - which I discovered whilst in the blogger forum venting my frustrations along with other equally frustrated people. However, I'm happy that Blogger has recovered itself nicely and is working again. Movable Type looks pretty cool too, and for me it'd be no problem setting up the CGI code on my webserver, but I'd lose this nice blogspot address. And Blogger is just easier to maintain.

Whoah.. I've just heard the sad news of Lisa "Left-eye" Lopes' death, which was on 25/4. Gee am I behind in the news. But the weirder thing is, I just pulled out my old TLC "Crazy Sexy Cool" album today to bring in to work to listen to (for certain nostalgic reasons) the first time in yonks. And then I learn of this news. Mmm..

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

What to do..

Hmm.. what to do, what to do now... Should I go to the gym or go home..? I think.. I'll go to the gym. Sitting on my butt all day can't be good for me. I need to expend some energy.
Commenting made simple

I've just added the YACCS commenting service to my blog. Its really quite cool how easily it integrates with a weblog, and it provides unique commenting forms for each post too! (A functionality that the guestbook I wrote doesn't have.) I think I'll still leave my guestbook there though.. I'm rather proud of that little piece of programming. :)
Oh what fun it is.. be at work. *note sarcasm* Hehe.. just kidding. Work is alright. I just wish it could be a little more interesting at times, but then don't we all. You know, after all that I've said about webcams and their potential dodginess, I can't help but kinda wish I had a webcam.. maybe at work or something. That would be kinda fun. I've heard of other workplaces like Emode or something(?) having webcams at work, but I guess thats just too funky for a place like AAP. I guess I'll just put a piccy of me up instead...

And you thought Darth Maul was scary..... :D

Anyway... enough procrastination.. back to work!